Roarsome! Dino Game

In this easy-to-learn card game, your aim is to create as many three-in-a-row matches as possible to collect Roarsome points. The first player to collect 10 Roarsome points wins! Shuffle the deck, lay out 9 cards in a 3 x 3 grid, then place the rest of the deck on the table - the cards are double-sided, so it doesn't matter which way up they face. Remember, the grid must stay in a 3 x 3 pattern throughout the game.

The person who last saw a dinosaur (whether a fossil, cartoon, or walking down the street) goes first. Draw a card from the deck and turn it over. Does the color or dinosaur match any of the cards in the grid? The match can be horizontal or vertical but not diagonal. If the answer is no, then place your card in an empty grid space or onto any of the other cards in the grid, and play moves on. But if the answer is yes, then place your card next to its match in the grid. If this completes a three-in-a-row, pick up one pile of cards in the matching row and turn over the other two piles to create new chances. If the newly revealed cards make another row of three, pick up one of those piles and flip the other two. Continue doing this until there are no new three-in-a-row matches. Every card you pick up equals one point. The first player to collect 10 Roarsome points wins the game!

There are some special cards in the deck that can mix things up too. ROAR cards can be used as any dinosaur or color, so they're great for making a sneaky match . . . as long as you do your best dino impression when you place the card down! But the card you really have to watch out for is the DINO POOP - yuck! The good news is it counts as a point if you keep it on your head while you play; the bad news is you have dino poop on your head. Win some, lose some!