Slumberkins Unicorn Snuggler - Authenticity Collection

A gift that truly grows with its recipient!

This gift set includes a Blankety style Snuggler Plush + 2 Books in gift packaging.

 Unicorn supports Authenticity! She is a free spirit who wants kids to know that it's okay to be themselves. Her story collection is all about promoting authenticity while the Unicorn plush toy brings those lessons to life.

Unicorn is for:
Learning to welcome differences 
Building inner confidence
Coping with peer pressure
Body positivity
Gifting for baby showers, birthdays or holidays!

Introduction Book: Unicorn, Let your Light Shine: helps kids recognize their own inner light and magic. It instills positive core beliefs in the youngest among us to help them grow their self-confidence.

Lesson Book: Unicorn Dares to be Unique Teaches kids that being unique is a good thing, and they don’t have to be just like everyone else. Unicorn shows kids that they can seek support and allies that let them be themselves. Machine washable, Air dry. 100% Polyester. Stuffed w/hypoallergenic fiberfill.